confession; I hardly wear any jewelry

confession; I hardly wear any jewelry

I know, it is kind of a funny fact that I, a jewelry designer and maker, do not like to wear jewelry. Yes, it might sound weird. I am the worst representative of my own jewels.

I do adore small little objects, and love to look at jewelry, but wearing is another level. There was a time when I couldn’t stand the feeling of my hair touching my cheeks. I am very sensitive to things being off, annoying and bothering me on my skin. So, besides the occasional tiny little studs in my ear lobes, or the once in a while necklace you will only see me wearing my almost round bracelet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That bracelet became part of me, and is not longer in my way. The reason for this is the memory it resembles. The feeling this item gives me when wearing it.


I envy people who can wear all the jewelry they want, without it being a bother. You might think that I do not like jewelry, but the opposite is the case. I actually adore small precious handcrafted objects, filled with memory and reason.

So how does that work in my life. As I mentioned above, the bracelet is meaningful to me, and this overpowers the discomfort when wearing it. 

And I have found another way, especially with my hangers, pendants and necklaces. I love hanging them on my wall. I love looking at them. And I love to know that they are there as they are very meaningful to me. I don’t need to wear them, I can admire them whenever I want in the comfort of my home. Like little art pieces on my wall.
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