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frequently asked questions and lots of answers

This is a summary of all the questions I get asked, and applies to all of my collections and jewelry pieces I have available. If your question is not answered below then please do reach out to me and I am happy to answer!


What is that black material? / This is oxidized silver. Basically it is a very intens tarnish and will get slightly silvery coloured in time. This is because that super thin layer will rub off on the higher surfaces of the jewel. If this happens to your jewel and you want to make it all black again than please send it to me and I make sure it will be black as the sky again.

Do you gift wrap? / I love packing your orders! Every order will come in a beautiful recycled DVDM jewelry branded cardboard box, wrapped and signed by me. Your piece of jewelry is ready to be gifted. If you're directly shipping your order to the gift recipient and you would like me to include a special note please let me know when placing your order and I will be happy to do it!  Do you provide a tracking number? Yes! But only if you UPGRADE to Registered & Insured shipping when placing your order. 

Do you gold-plate? rhodium-plate? / No, I prefer to work with the natural color and properties of each metal. I know the real deal is way more expensive, but I think it's better to invest in something you really want and be confident that it will last a lifetime (or several if you pass it to future generations!). Besides that, the process of gold plating is environmentally unfriendly, and gold plated metals are hard to recycle.

Do you make custom designs? / Yes! Depending the time of the year I might have some free time to work on special orders.  Please send me an email at hello@daphnevandermeulen.com to discuss your idea.  

Do you make wedding bands? / Yes I do! I love crafting such a special piece for you. Write me an email at hello@daphnevandermeulen.com and let's discuss.

How do I clean my jewelry and take care of it? / Good question. To preserve your precious jewels as much as possible you should take them off while sleeping, washing your hands, bathing, sporting and so on. I believe jewelry should be worn all the time, but this comes with the risk of damage. Which I think makes the jewel even more precious.

Do you take custom orders? / I do, depending on your request. Please send me an email at hello@daphnevandermeulen.com and let's chat.

Do you sell wholesale? /Yes! If you are a shop who is interested in discussing carrying my pieces please email met at hello@daphnevandermeulen.com

Are all of the products made by you? / Yes, all the jewelry in the shop is designed and made by me in my Studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Have a look at my about page HERE.

Where are your products made? / I make every piece in my small studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Where are your materials sourced from? / We source all our materials from Dutch suppliers.

Do you use recycled materials? / Yes we do! All precious materials used come from Dutch suppliers who only use 100% recycled gold.

How is my order packaged? / All jewelry is carefully packed in a Daphne van der Meulen branded jewelry box and include information on how to take care of your jewels and a little info about our brand. Our online orders ship in a sturdy shipping box, insuring it will arrive safely with you, just as they left my studio.

Can I collect my order from your studio? / Sure! We are located in Amsterdam. Please contact me when placing your order at hello@daphnevandermeulen.com

Do you take rush orders and provide express shipping? / I do, please contact me before placing an order so I can confirm to you if I'm able to rush up your order.

Do you ship internationally? / Yes, we ship internationally. All information and cost is mentioned on our Processing and Shipping page.

How long does it take for my order to ship? / Please go to our Processing and Shipping page for all information.

How long does it take for my order to arrive? / This depends on if you ordered a ready to ship item or a made to order item. Ready to ship items will be shipped the following working day, and arrive according to the postal time needed depending on where you life. You can check this in my Processing and Shipping time below on my homepage.

What is your returns policy? / Please go to our Refund policy page for all information.

I’ve lost one earring – can you make me another one? / Of course! The beauty in hand making each piece ourselves is that I can simply make you another, no matter how long you’ve had it for. I just ask you to post me the one you still have so I can make a matching one and give the existing one a bit of a clean up for you! Single earrings are usually half the cost of a pair, email me at hello@daphnevandermeulen.com with an image of the earring and I’ll get back to you with more information.

Can I visit your workshop? / Unfortunately not at the moment.

Do you have a retail store where I can see your pieces up close? / Not yet, but please do get in touch if you would like to stock my jewelry.

How do I become a stockist? / Please email me at hello@daphnevandermeulen.com and include a link to your website, other brands you stock, images of your store and anything else you’d like to tell us. We’ll be in touch as soon as we can!



How many of the seeds are available? / I have a limited amount of seeds in stock. These are the seeds I found open my walks in the passed season. Once they are sold out, you need to wait till the next season.

Can I wear all the pendants as hangers? / You sure can! All of the seeds can be worn as a pendant, but there are some of them that really like to eat woolen sweaters and other soft materials. Like the female Alder seed, or the Beach Sheoak. The are a little bit prickly and are maybe better appreciated on the wall.

How do you make these seeds? / For the seeds and pods I am using an ancient jewelry making technique, called the lost wax process. Each beautiful seed will be prepared to be casted. There will be made a temporary mold, that is filled with precious metal. By using this technique each seed is individually made, and all are unique. 

Are these seeds and pods available in gold? / Yes, all of the pendants and ear hangers are available in solid 14k gold. I don’t gold plate the jewels, as this is not an environmentally way of manufacturing. If you like your seed to be casted in solid gold than please send an email to hello@daphnevandermeulen.com for a personal quote.

What is that black material? / This is oxidized silver. Basically it is a very intens tarnish and will get slightly silvery coloured in time. This is because that super thin layer will rub off on the higher places of the pendant. If this happens to your jewel and you want to make it all black again than please send it to me and I make sure it will be black as the sky again.

Can I have a silver chain instead of the silk string? / Absolutely! Please write me an email at hello@daphnevandermeulen.com and let me know the length of this necklace so I can give you a price estimate.

What is the length of the silk string? / The length at its longest is 75 cm, and it can be as short as you like.

I have a seed I want to make into a hanger, can you do this? / I would love to know more about your seed, and how valuable it is for you, please email me at hello@daphnevandermeulen.com and let’s chat!


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