my wholesale experiment

my wholesale experiment

My experiment was successful!

Maybe not in sales or new stockist, but it definitely was successful in what I wanted to get out of participating my first season in a wholesale fair.

I participated to ‘feel’ if this was something I would like to do more of, if this is something that would fit my business, if this was a good step for part of my business, and a few of my collections. And I can confirm it is. Although I love love making one offs, and special pieces of jewelry for you I also like the steadiness and repetition of making something that is similar, but still handmade. Similar in terms of the design, but produced in small batches. 


It was so nice to meet other designers who were also starting this journey, and it was good to hear their approach and their insights. I met very nice shop owners and had lovely conversations with so many. Some loved my jewels, but could not stock them due to specific visions they had for new items in their store. Some loved my jewels but maybe I myself feel they wouldn’t really fit that particular kind of store. I got lots of complements for my presentation, and also this is something I will take to another level and find a way to make it scalable, so all the lovely stores can have a piece of that too and present my jewels in the way they are looking its best. Also some galleries were interested and who knows what will happen. I am sure it will be an ongoing conversation and I will be there next time to represent my jewels and myself. 




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