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pocket treasures

My son is a collector, a real treasure hunter. He is always on to look out for little stones, seeds and twigs. One treasure even more beautiful and precious than the other. His pockets are filled with the most beautiful and special nature finds.

The world is a magic place in the eyes of our children.
They look around with glitter in their eyes and still see a world of wonders.
pocket treasure silver necklace with stone held by 2 hands daphne van der meulen jewelry


Almost every day he comes home with pockets full of little twigs, pieces of wood, seeds, cones, rocks and pebbles. A walk in the forrest or on the street is constantly hold up by him seeing another piece of magic on the ground. His eyes spot everything he considers treasures, like a metro ticket or a 'golden' coloured stone, an elastic band, a twig that looks like a bird. Everything disappears in his little pockets, well almost everything. He then brings it home and it ends up somewhere in the house or his room.

daphne van der meulen jewelrydaphne van der meulen jewelrydaphne van der meulen jewelry

You would think that after a little while he forgets his findings. But the opposite is true. He knows exactly what he got, and where it came from. And he always has a favourite stone or twig. This particular one needs to come with him to school, to grandma, everywhere we go and stays in his pocket forever. 

I was thinking, what to do with all those pocket treasures. Can I make something special from them? Something that is still valuable and magic after years to come. Because this time, in which he sees ordinary stuff as wonders will soon disappear. Wouldn't it be great to have something lasting, something that he could gift to Mommy or Grandma? Or maybe can be a keepsake for Dad and Grandpa, that maybe one day he could treasure himself again?

This is how my Pocket Treasure hanger originated. So that the magic of that little stone or twig can be transformed into a wearable piece of jewelry. A meaningful hanger on a beautiful silver necklace. An original gift voor Mom or Granny. Or maybe a pocket keepsake for Dad and Grandpa.


If you would like to know more about this Pocket Treasure hanger you can visit this link. I would love to make a piece of jewelry from your childs Pocket treasure!

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