the brand, daphne van der meulen jewelry

the brand, daphne van der meulen jewelry

daphne van der meulen workbench in studio space

My jewelry objects are often described as delicately minimal, and just a little bit different than the usual. In my opinion, the design is minimal textured, with sober clean lines, and lots of meaning. I believe I am creating detailed, thoughtful and meaningful jewelry, that I wish to accompany you on your life’s journey, while you are making memories. And I hope my pieces will represent marks in your life of those important happenings, and remember you of those special moments, both happy and sad.

I really wish for my jewels to be beautiful items that you treasure and maybe one day will gift to your children, so they become heirlooms in your family. 

daphne van der meulen jewelry golden felt wedding rings

Over the passed years many lovely people have started their marriage with exchanging the rings I made for them, and I can not express how much that means to me. being part of ones story, with a lifetime of love ahead!

I make my gold and silver jewelry pieces, by using different techniques. One being the ancient technique of lost wax casting, which is basically modelling an object in wax, which is then casted, after which it is sanded and nicely finished. An other way of making jewelry is using (pre-)manufactured* materials like wire, tube, sheet etc. The materials can be cut, bended, sanded, pierced and soldered together, to create jewelry objects. *Obviously you can buy these materials pre-manufactured, but you can also make them yourself by melting silver or gold and rolling it to a sheet or wire.

daphne van der meulen jewelry dried leaf pendant

My wish is to someday have my own studio space, where I can teach others the handcraft of making jewelry. Who knows, one day I will hire someone or two? And be able not to only provide for my own family but give others the opportunity to do wat they love and provide for their families as well.

Caring for the world we live in, and doing my best to leave it in a better place than I found it. I also try to work as environmentally friendly as possible, in all the aspects of this business, meaning in the materials I use, the vendors I choose, but also to use decomposable packaging that is needed to send my jewels safely to you. And I am learning everyday to change into something better and am always open for suggestions to do so.

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