fiddle ring in silver
fiddle rings in different widths
multiple fiddle rings
movable ring to play around
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fiddle ring

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the story

I love fiddling around with my fingers, and are always turning my rings. This fiddle ring is the perfect thing to play with while doing nothing.

how i make these

This item is ready to send out. Firstly I bend the tube in the desired radius, after which I cut it pieces, make a ring in silver wire, add the tube and solder the ring together.

how to wear

Easy going ring, for the modernists among us. Simple enough to wear everyday, special enough to keep on looking at your pieces. Very nice to fiddle around with.


Diameter of the loose tube 2mm


Silver - Oxidized silver


This listing is for one ring. This items also comes in blackened silver.


A similar item as seen in the pictures is made for you and will be send to you. Every order will be shipped in a black branded hardcase jewel box, in a bubble wrap envelope - to make sure your jewel arrives safely.