silver recycled ring
silver recycled ring mezereem jewelry
leftover ring
leftover ring
leftover ring

leftover ring

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the story

To reduce waist in my studio, I recycle the materials that I already have in my studio. For this leftover series I used the cut-off pieces that are too small to use for other things. Simple necklace pendants, rings, that I have forged, melted and hammered in their new shape. They are meant to be worn for a lifetime, and make you feel good about the material that was used to create these pieces.

how i make these

This item is ready to send out. Heating the ends of the recycled wire, so it melts into little balls. I then hammer these balls flat, sand them and bent it in the final shape. Last thing to do is give them a good polish so they shine like a mirror.

how to wear

All of these leftover pieces of jewelry can be paired with other jewelry. They look really nice on their own but also gorgeous when paired with other jewelry.


Ring drop is about 2mm


Silver - Oxidized silver


All of these leftover will be made to order. You will receive a similar item but might be slightly different hammered.


A similar item as seen in the pictures is made for you and will be send to you. Every order will be shipped in a black branded hardcase jewel box, in a bubble wrap envelope - to make sure your jewel arrives safely.