silver dotted bell mezereem jewelry
silver dotted bell in hand jewelry
silver dotted bell inside view
silver dotted bell open view
silver dotted bell mezereem
silver dotted bells
silver dotted bell necklace on person jewelry
silver dotted bell
silver dotted bell on chain necklace
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dotted bell

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the story

I have always been intrigued by the sound of bells. They remind me so much of Christmas and that cozy time. As long as we keep hearing the sound of this bell, we will never forget that Santa Claus is really there and believe in the magic he brings.

how i make these

This is a made to order item, and will require 1-3 weeks before shipping out.  These small handmade bells make a lovely high tingling sound. These bells are individually made by hand by me from scratch. I start by making the dome, adding the dots one by one on the little dome. Then I attach the sprue and the item is casted by my trusted caster. After receiving the casted item i will have the saw off the sprue, drill the hole and make the bell-clapper. Super small little jump rings soldered onto sticks which are then soldered together and inside the dome. Then finally I can solder the ring on the top, to make it into a pendant that can be hung on a necklace.

how to wear

This piece of jewelry can be so much more than a pendant on a necklace. You could wear it is a necklace, or have the pendant fixed to a brooch, or even you can tie a lovely ribbon to it and hang it in your tree, or above your door.


  • Height bell: 15-18mm
  • Width bell: 13-18mm
  • Total height including hanger: 23-25mm
  • Weight: 5.2-6.6 gram


  • Bell - silver
  • Clapper - silver
  • Necklace - silver
  • Can also be ordered in oxidized silver


The bells make a very nice high tingling sound.


A similar item as seen in the pictures is made for you and will be send to you. Every order will be shipped in a black branded hardcase jewel box, in a bubble wrap envelope - to make sure your jewel arrives nicely.