silver facetted ball on necklace
facet pendant on necklace mezereem jewelry
model wearing facet pendant in silver
facet pendant necklace
facet ring and pendant mezereem jewelry
facet ball necklace mezereem jewelry
facet series ring, ear stud and pendant
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facet pendant

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the story

Similar to life no human is the same. We all have different expertises, look different, feel different. We even look at the world in similar but different ways. This facet series resembles the different angles we all have. Outside and inside. All facets are irregular and this makes the necklace look differently from many directions.

how i make these

This is a made to order item, and will require 1-2 weeks before shipping out. This Pendant is made in wax by hand by me. I have then created a mold, and injected this with wax. My caster has casted the wax model and I solder the jumpring on and have added the chain.

how to wear

The pendant has a lovely weight to it, and can be worn in different height. I like my chains to be long. Wear it under you shirt, just for you, or show it to the world and start a nice conversation.


Pendant diameter 9mm


Silver - Oxidized silver - 14K Gold on request


This listing is for one silver pendant, including silver chain. This items also comes in blackened silver.


A similar item as seen in the pictures is made for you and will be send to you. Every order will be shipped in a black branded hardcase jewel box, in a bubble wrap envelope - to make sure your jewel arrives nicely.