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silver circle dot ear studs mezereem jewelry
silver circle dot ear studs mezereem jewelry
silver circle dot ear studs mezereem jewelry
packaging example mezereem jewelry

circle dot ear studs

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the story

If you look around you, most objects are made of straight lines and circles. Combined, intertwined, joined, leaving spaces.

The beauty of combining the two is in the simplicity of the details.

how i make these

These Circle and Dot pieces of jewelry are made by hand cutting a small silver circle, drilling a small hole and finishing with a soft polish.  Then i melted a little piece of silver that is soldered to a stud and combined with the circle they are the multifunctional to use.

how to wear

Easy going jewelry, for the modernists among us. Simple enough to wear everyday, special enough to keep on looking at your pieces.


circle diameter 7mm - dot about 1mm




This listing is for one pair of ear studs, including silver ear backings.

This items also comes in blackened silver / silver with gold 14k gold dot, or triple dots


A similar item as seen in the pictures is made for you and will be send to you.

Every order will be shipped in a black branded hardcase jewel box, in a bubble wrap envelope - to make sure your jewel arrives safely.