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facet ring

facet ring

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Similar to life no human is the same. We all have different expertises, look different, feel different. We even look at the world in similar but different ways. This facet series resembles the different angles we all have. Outside and inside. All facets are irregular and this makes the ring look differently from many directions.

Materials / Silver 925, Silver 925 oxidized. Can also be ordered in SOLID gold, please send me a note.

Size / The width of the ring is about 4mm, and the thickness is about 3mm.

Availability / This is a made to order item, and will require 1-3 weeks before shipping out.

Packaging / All jewels will be carefully wrapped and send to you in lovely gift packaging.

Shipping / Please read through my shipping policies for details. You can find a link at the bottom of my page.

About / The ring is made individually to size, meaning that no one else will have the exact same ring. I start by carving out a piece of hard wax, shaping it into a ring, and then slowly filing off each facet of the total ring. The wax ring is then casted in metal by my trusted caster, and later finished by me.

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