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alder tree cone ring

alder tree cone ring

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If you have wanted to wear a piece of nature on your finger, than this is as close as it gets. The Alder cone is a visual reminder of the memory of the change of the seasons, when the cones all drop on the floor by the wind blowing them out of the tree. Looking to find new grounds to settle and plant their seeds to grow into new strong Alder Cone Trees. Each alder seed is singly casted. Transforming the natural seed into a solid piece of silver or gold for everlasting. They are all unique, and shape and size may vary a little bit from the image.

These jewels are made of recycled silver, they can be oxidised making them dark grey to black. They are also available in 18k gold plated silver, or in solid gold upon request.

Either the item in the image is available or I make one on request and size.

These seeds were found on my walks, in Amsterdam, and surroundings. In the park’s, the forrest and the dunes. The seeds are reminders of the everyday. The stuff you pass by and know is there - every season. They are unnoticeable reminders of growth, continuation, silently happening.

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