Wax Carving Workshop

Wax Carving Workshop

As you may (or may not) know, there was a time (about 18 years ago) when I lived and worked in NYC. While working in an architectural agency I was looking for another creative outlet. By chance (or maybe not) I found Fred de Vos, a Dutch guy who is an absolute master in wax sculpting. He creates the most beautiful delicate yet powerful jewelry in very high karat gold with luscious stones.

It was because of Fred I fell in love with wax carving.

Ever since I took my first workshop, in the beautiful studio of Fred de Vos I was hooked, and from that day on I have been dreaming of hosting my own wax carving workshops.

Fred's Studio was light, and cozy, and very much New York. It was located in the center of Manhatten, just above SoHo, on Broadway, where in the summer you could hear the sirens of the streets, the buzzing of the city and feel the heath of the sun poking through the windows. In the winter I remember getting my Hot Chai Late from the Starbucks across the street, taking it up in the small elevator to the 5th floor, walking down the gray uninspiring hallway, and ending up at his door with a little orange sign. Every time I entered through this door I ended up in a magical world. I was greeted by a warm and cozy space where you could feel the positive vibe among the other students. His workshop was my weelky me time, the place where I could create without any limitations other than my mind and the material. 

There is something magical in creating something in a piece of wax and having it transformed into an everlasting silver piece of jewelry.

If there would be one thing I could do again from my time in NYC, this would be very very high on the list! Gosh I miss those days!

Today I am beyond happy to share with you that I will be hosting my very own wax carving workshops. And even though I do not have the light cozy NYC studio, I do have a beautiful cozy 'kitchen table' in the buzzing center of Amsterdam Noord.

I hope to receive you here, and to make you fall in love in love with the ancient technique of 'Lost Wax Casting'.

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