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  • Create your own unique Ring with this DIY Wax Carving Kit

    Create your very own ring from the comfort of your home? Just you, or together with a friend? Or maybe you fancy a creative moment with yourself on a cozy evening or while you are on holiday? Bring this Kit along and carve out some time to make your own design and self made ring. There is no time limit, you can carve as long as you need to perfect your unique ring. This DIY Kit includes all the materials, tools and instructions to design and create your ring from jewellers wax using the ancient technique called ‘Lost Wax Casting’.

    This might just be the start of a new hobby or maybe even a career!

    You do the sculpting and carving, and I do the casting and finishing. Within a few weeks you get to wear your unique ring in your chosen metal.

  • What is included in the DIY Kit? 

    • 2 blue wax rings (8mm wide) made to size S, M, L, XL or your perfect size (send me a message or add a note while you check out). One of the wax rings is for practice and one is for casting. If you love your 2nd wax ring and wish to cast it too, there will be an additional cost of Euro 98.
    • Wax file with flat and round surface, to shape and fine your ring
    • Scalpel cutter, to model your wax
    • Thumb protector
    • Ring sizer (to measure your ring size)
    • 3 kinds of sanding paper, to smooth your ring surface
    • 2 kinds of lolly pop sticks, for easy sanding
    • Tin can to safely return your wax ring to be casted
    • Return form to specify your ring size, metal, finish and delivery destination
    • Description booklet to guide you through the process of carving your wax ring
    • Sketch paper to visualise your design
    • Shipping the final ring to you beautifully wrapped
  • The DIY Kit includes all tools for making your unique wax ring. Depending on your choice any additional cost like casting your ring in recycled Silver or 14k/18k Gold Plated, Solid Gold ring is either pre-paid or can be noted on your return form. I will then send you an invoice when I receive your finished wax in the mail. Your ring will be casted and/or plated once the payment is received.

    Please choose your approximate ring size (small, medium, large, extra large) from the product options or your exact size using the ring sizer. If you are unsure which size to choose you can order a ring sizer here, so you can order your perfect size.


    *Due to the fluctuating price of silver, your DIY Kit must be used within 6 months after purchase. You must be over 18 years old to use this product due to the scalpel cutter included in your DIY Kit. On the rare occasion that rings have not been carved and send back or there is concern over impracticality of the wax, your wax ring will be returned for more carving.

  • Before purchasing a DIY Kit make sure to read the DIY Kit page for more information and how it works. Here you will find answers to the most common questions, like which size you would need, how it works, how long it takes, metal options for casting etc.

    Be sure to also read the FAQ page for even more information.

    Currently we ship this DIY Kit throughout Europe and beyond. The booklets inside are in Dutch, English or German. And will be picked based upon the country the order is made.

  • How does it work?

    You get the DIY Kit in size S, M, L or XL.

    Within a few days you will receive the DIY Kit at home with 2 wax rings to size, and get to work. When your dream ring is ready, send it to me along with the return form.

    Once I receive your ring I will have it cast and will polish it in your desired finish. After receiving your ring it will take about 2 weeks for me to send it back to you.

  • Ineke -

    I never thought I would love doing this as much as I do. It opened up a whole new creative world for me. Thank you for making this technique so accessible for a non-jeweler like myself.

  • Katrien -

    The package arrived beautifully and as it says, it does contain everything you need to make a ring. I absolutely loved the process of the carving, so relaxing. Daphne included a lovely designed booklet with all the information and visual guidance you need. The best thing was I could do this in my evening hours when the kids were in bed. I will order some more waxes soon to carve a ring for my best friend. Thank you Daphne!

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  • Can I buy the DIY kit as a gift?

    Absolutely yes, the DIY kit makes a great gift! If you need some guidance in which size to choose, please read the above instructions and have a look at the FAQ page HERE.

  • HELP I need a Workshop

    If you feel you could use a little extra help with carving your dream ring. You could join one of my Wax Carving Workshops. New dates will be announced in the newsletter, you can sign up below.