care and size guide

. general care instructions

to maintain the finish on pieces, i do not recommend wearing jewelry in water (swimming, shower, housecleaning etc), while sleeping or when exercising.

it is recommended to store your jewelry in a cool, dry place either in a box or pouch to reduce the tarnishing process

wear your jewelry! your body is constantly polishing it and the oil from your skin protects it from tarnishing


. cleaning

silver will develop a patina - it is the nature of the material.  silver jewellery pieces can easily be brought back to a bright sheen using polishing cloths

oxidised silver should not be cleaned with abrasives to protect the black color as much as possible

gold pieces will also shine brightly again after using a polishing cloth

gold plated pieces like a warm bath with a few drops of dishwashing detergent.  let the pieces dry on a cloth and give them a soft rub with a soft microfiber cloth to finish


. ring size

if you don’t know your ring size there are several ways to find out.

visit your local jeweller and have your finger measured

i can send you a ring sizer for a small cost, please email me

or you could use the size guide in the following link