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inspired by the lakes in Sweden MIRROR LAKE
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memorable and treasured

daphne van der meulen is an ethical jewelry brand, that creates detailed, thoughtful and meaningful jewelry, to accompany you on your life’s journey making memories.

SEEDS and PODS collection

These seeds were found on my walks, in Amsterdam, and surroundings. In the park’s, the forrest and the dunes. Or in other parts of the world, where local trees inhabit, gifting me with their exotic shapes and seeds.

The seeds are reminders of the everyday. The stuff you pass by and know is there - every season. They are unnoticeable reminders of growth, continuation, silently happening.

You can wear these seeds, or hang them on your wall. As a visual reminder of the memory. Each seed is singly casted. Transforming the natural seed into a solid piece of silver. They are all unique, much like yourself!

Jewelry is the carrier of your memory.

I believe jewelry is about memories.

It is about making memories and remembering.

It is about the giving and receiving. About celebrating and grief. It is about being together and far away, about promises and lies, about commitment and letting go. It is about starting new, holding on to something and ending what was there. It is all of that.

And all of that is you!

You living the memory,  with the piece of jewelry as your silent witness to all those things.

And that piece will be there to comfort, to hold on to, to treasure, to empower you and who knows to one day pass on to your children as a collected piece of memory for them to treasure.

Make memories!

Go out, wear your beloved piece, live life, show who you are and make new memories.

design my memory


I received my jewel in a carefully crafted package. Perfect to gift, but also very nice to unwrap as a gift for myself.

Her jewels are made with care, I really love this minimalistic design. Love wearing my ear rings and they do not sting me in my head when wearing them at night, which happens with all my other ear studs. So now I wear them every day, all day.


Zojuist een prachtig set oorbelletjes ontvangen. Ik wil zo graag weer oorbellen dragen maar elke keer krijg ik er weer last van. Maar deze originele Daphne van der Meulen Jewelry zijn echt geweldig. Totaal geen last van en ze zijn zo mooi en  prachtig afgewerkt. Ik weet waar mijn volgende cadeautje vandaan gaat komen!! 


So happy I received these beautiful ear studs from Daphne. Really love her jewelry. They are gorgeous in their simplicity.

These ear studs go with any outfit and occasion. I am sure to receive many compliment, all thanks to Daphne.

Would highly recommend these wonderful jewels!


Elles sont vraiment superbe, en plus faites spécialement à la taille demandée. Tres beau travail.

They are really beautiful, in addition made especially to the requested size. Very nice job.


Beautifully repaired my precious ring, thank you so much!


Jewelry designed by Daphne van der Meulen

daphne van der meulen jewelry is an independent design studio based in the heart of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

All jewelry is designed, made, packaged and posted to you by me. I believe in ethical, environmentally friendly jewelry.  Buying from me, means directly supporting my family and making us able to live a happy life doing what we love. You can't beat that! You can read more about me here