When will I receive my finished ring? / Every individual ring is hand polished by me. I strive to have your ring casted and polished within 2 weeks after receiving. I will send you and email with Track and Trace shipping notification once I send it out.

Gold Plated rings usually take 1 week longer to process.

I am unsure how to file, can I join one of your Workshops? / Yes, please sign up to our newsletter for announcing new dates, or you can have a look at the website for upcoming workshops.

I want to buy the DIY kit as a present, but I don't know his/her ring size? / All DIY Kits come with a ring sizer. They can size the wax themselves with the sandpaper or the file included or they can buy waxes in the correct ring size here

My wax ring in the DIY kit doesn't fit, what can I do? / You can get ‘extra wax’ in your size here

Can I cast the second wax ring in my kit? / Yes! This is an extra Euro 98 for casting in silver. Gold Plated or 14k Solid Gold options are also available. Simply mention this on your return form. I will invoice you once I receive and process your wax rings. You must send in your second wax at the same time as your first wax. They will be returned to you together.

Can I get my ring gold plated? / Absolutely! Gold plating is an affordable way to add some gold colour to your ring. However, I do not recommend gold plated jewellery for everyday wear. If you would like to wear your ring everyday, I suggest leaving it silver or upgrading to solid gold.

Can I add gold / rose gold plating? How much is it? / Yes! This is Euro 30 extra. Simply tick the gold plating box on the return form. I will invoice you once I receive and process your wax ring.

Can I upgrade my ring to a solid precious metal? / Yes! Simply make a note of what metal on your return form. I will send you a quote when I have received your wax ring. I always deduct your original silver fee/plating from the new quote. 

What happens if my ring fails casting? / Although it’s very rare, sometimes rings don’t survive casting. Sometimes this can because they are fragile, but sometimes it’s just something that happens and a risk when casting. If it turns out that this has happened to your ring, we will offer you the opportunity to re-carve your ring, which we will recast. Alternatively, we can provide you with a refund of your ring of Euro 98

Do you offer discounts to bulk-buy kits for a private party? / Please be in touch and I can see what I can do for you depending on the time and amount of people participating in the party.

Will the inside of my ring be polished? / No, I do not polish the inside of your ring as this can alter the ring size. I do slightly round the edges to make it a comfortable fit.

How long do I have to return my finished wax ring after purchasing the DIY kit? / 6 months.

Do you offer refunds after I have received my ring? / I do not offer refunds if your ring has been tarnished or damaged in your care. If there is a problem with your ring and you feel it was not your fault, I will deal with this on a case by case basis. In this instance I will resolve the problem, but I don’t offer full refunds once your ring has been through the casting process.

Is the metal you use to cast sustainable? / Yes. My local caster uses recycled metals to cast all of the rings to reduce the demand on mining these precious materials.

I have lost my ring, can you re-make it? / Sadly not. Due to the ancient casting method called ‘lost wax casting’ , the wax is melted out and therefore lost during the process. Your ring is truly unique and can not be re-made once lost.

My ring is feeling chuncky, can you make it thinner / smaller / lower? / I do not alter the ring once it is cast. It is really important you take your time with filing the wax and make sure you are happy with it before posting. The silver ring will be the exact ring that you carved in wax at home.

Can you resize my ring? / Unfortunately I do not offer this service at the moment.

Can you post my ring abroad? / Yes. Just let me know on your return form and I can invoice you with the PostNL rate.

If you have another question which is not mentioned in the above, please send me a message.