DVDM jewelry hand met verschillende unieke wax ringen boven een werktafel

DIY kit creating your dream ring


A short video (only 15 sec) in which I like to give you a tiny glimpse of what the DIY Wax Carving Kit is about. 

It has been fun to make! And it was really nice to try out something new. I watch YT movies regularly. Long ones, in the form of Vlogs (mainly creative businesses related), and short tutorial ones... It has been on my 'to do' list since ages, and now in our 'staycation' I finally found some time to make this. It all seems so simple but it really takes quite a bit of work. Recording yourself, at work. Interrupting your flow to put that camera just a little differently. Is the image sharp? Can you see what I'm doing? Is it interesting at all? And then putting all the little videos together and editing it down to only 15 sec. Wauw, that is a job on its own. The last bit was adding some music to give it a little bit of juice... I am so curious what you think of it? Let me know by leaving a comment in the YT video, or send me a message!

These coming months I like to explore this concept of 'the trying out new things' a bit further. Making more video's, but also venture into other creative areas. I really like to take a class behind a turning wheel, or printing. To be continued. 

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