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  • This Wax Masterclass is especially for Goldsmiths, Jewelers, Jewelry designers, Jewelry artists and jewelry creators. In 3 hours, I will take you into the world of Wax and show you all the techniques to create beautiful jewelry.

    Are you someone who has always felt that you would like to make jewelry, but 'traditional goldsmithing' is not quite what you are looking for? Or are you a goldsmith looking for a new technique to enrich your jewelry design and making skills? Maybe you wonder how all those beautiful textures in silver are made anyway? This Wax Masterclass is absolutely for you if you want to take the 'short cut'!

    I will teach you in 3 hours what I have gathered in years of information, and I guarantee you will leave with a whole dose of inspiration and new techniques to express your creativity in your designs.

    In this 3-hour Masterclass, you will learn about the different types of wax, the basic and additional tools needed for Wax Carving and Wax Building and where to get them. We will cover the basic techniques of Wax Carving and Wax Building, and I will teach you different ways of applying texture. We will use the time to explore, test and experiment. There will also be plenty of room for specific questions and your own project.

  • Date

    After purchase, you will receive an email from me and we can discuss and find a suitable date and time for both of us.

  • Location

    The Wax Masterclass will take place in my Studio in Amsterdam West.

  • By purchasing the Wax Masterclass, you agree to the Terms and Conditions for Workshops, which can be found HERE.

  • Sandra -

    Absolutely would recommend 10 out of 10. This is an unique class that should be taught on every silversmithing school. I learned more in 3 hours than I have done in my whole school career. This saved me so much time and money. THANK YOU!

  • Benno -

    I love Daphne's teaching. She is so generous in sharing her resources and knowledge. I also admired her creative skills and her eye for design and finishing. To all the jewelers out there that need a push. You will not be disappointed!

  • Esther -

    I was taught the traditional way of jewelry making. But this Masterclass has opened up my world completely. Together with my new learned skill I can now create any design a customer asks.

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