heart brooch pin, a gesture of love

heart brooch pin, a gesture of love

For some time I ran with the idea of making a small brooch pin. Something valuable with a beautiful meaning. Something you want to give to yourself or someone else because the mere act of giving carries so much meaning. A token of love, a small gesture, a mini declaration of love.

DVDM jewelry heart pin packaging cadeau

A heart shape, the most common gesture to show your love. A universal gesture that perhaps everyone in this world understands. A geometric shape, consisting of 2 circles and a triangle. A powerful symbol that allows expressing love without words.

Now that I had a symbol, I wanted to find another form to carry it. I also wanted to give it a movement, a physical act to put it into action. And then the quest began. I already knew about the expression with the hands, the thumb and index finger of both your right and left hand together form a beautiful heart shape. But this was big, and I was looking for something small, something less present. Recently the K-pop movement had also become a household word in the Western world, and with this new music stream also came the small finger movement with which the singers expressed their love to the audience.

DVDM jewelry heart pin korean love sign in movable gold

Wikipedia writes; “ The mini heart gesture is a trend that was popularized in South Korea in which the index finger and thumb come together like a snap to form a tiny heart. The gesture was popularized by K-pop idols, who would often use the gesture to express their love and gratitude to their fans.”

The thumb and index finger come together in a sliding motion that then forms a small heart. A subtle expression of love that is added with strength by the simple elegant movement of the fingers.

This is it, this is where I want to make my version in metal!

Brass became my chosen material. A soft to the touch, creamy gold colored, hand sanded metal that symbolizes a heart of gold.

To imitate the movement I made the heart in 2 parts, together with a silver rivet the parts come together. And through a pinching motion, they slide apart to form the shape of a heart.

A lot of precision work goes into this heart. And all are handmade, so each one is unique in shape. Suddenly, a flat plate takes on a shape and identity. It comes alive for the wearer and the people around him or her. Who are you going to show your heart to?

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