who makes these jewels

who makes these jewels

about daphne van der meulen jewelry

My name is Daphne and I am the designer, maker and creative voice behind this Brand that carries the same name as me.

After completing my studies at the Royal Academy of Art in the Netherlands I have worked several years in the interior/architectural world. While living in New York I was lucky enough to meet Fred de Vos and fell in love with the ancient technique of lost wax casting. From there the designing and making of jewelry has always been something I did, mostly next to my job as a retail designer for a large sports company. But as of now I will be focusing all my time on making jewelry, and I could not be more happier about that.

My boyfriend and our 4 year old son are living in a lovely neighborhood just across the water from the city center of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We love this area. And we love being so close to the city and enjoying all it has to offer. Longing back to the good times, but we are confident these will be back soon in the near future. (writing this in the middle of a pandemic, in a lockdown)

I adore coffee (this is an understatement) and even more the process of making coffee. Since the beginning of 2012 I make a daily Chemex brew, and found the perfect balance of the water, the beans, the grind and the grams to my liking. Like my son, I could eat pasta everyday, all day, but anything chocolate is also high on the list.

daphne van der meulen jewelry workbench studio space

Currently I work from my home studio in Amsterdam. My studio is a small nook in our living room which is packed to the ceiling with tools, books, supplies and who knows what. I love spending time here, designing, making, reading, daydreaming, filming, writing and coming up with new wearable things that are meaningful to our lives.

Thank you so much for reading this introduction and please do follow me along here on this blog, subscribe to my newsletter or follow my day to day journey on instagram @daphnevandermeulenjewelry

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